License of Use ("License")

Photos and video provided through (“Original Works”) may be used, copied and distributed subject to the following terms and conditions:

• credit must be given to the copyright holder / creator of the Original Works Original Works (where the information is indicated on this page) and to the City’s webpage as the source;

• derivations and modifications of the Original Works may be created and distributed only under terms and conditions identical to those noted in this License;

• Original Works and derivations thereof may not be used for commercial purposes;

• this License is not intended to reduce, limit, or restrict any rights accruing to fair dealing, or those exemptions afforded to individuals, educational institutions, libraries, archives, museums, computer programs, incidental inclusions and ephemeral recordings, or other lawful limitations on the exclusive rights of the creator / copyright owner;

• in no way are the creator’s / copyright holder’s moral rights in the Original Works impacted by this License.

• The City of Leduc is not responsible for loss or any type of damages arising out of the licensee’s use or distribution of the Original Works or derivatives thereof.

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